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The Ranking organized by financial newspaper Estadão analyzes a database of 1500 companies and takes into account business performance and corporate governance initiatives.

WEG is one of the nine Brazilian companies named to the DJSI list.

An effective strategy employed by some of South Africa's most successful farms is to replace the older, less efficient motors whenever they fail

Época NEGÓCIOS 360º Directory elects the top companies in Brazil, in each specific sector on August, 9, 2017.

Modern high efficiency motors from WEG are helping african mines to cut energy bills and maintenance

WEG receives the award for best company in Capital Goods sector offered by Exame Magazine on its Biggest and Best 2017 Directory

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The Equifax breach reported this week sets a new bar for exploited PII! Apparently SSN, name, DoB and in some cases CC data for 143 million Americans was compromised. Given that probably 1/4 of the population has no credit cards (children, the elderly, illegal immigrants, etc.), this means that PII for over half of US […]

Thin and beautiful devices are commonplace nowadays, but it feels like nobody cares about usability any more. What got me thinking about this is the age of my laptop. It’s an older Lenovo and has an awesome keyboard. We’re talking full keys, long travel, pre-chiclet design. My laptop is ugly as sin, but really easy […]

The recent WannaCry ransomware spreading around the world has been both tragic and predictable. Tragic because it knocked out organizations doing important work, like the NHS in the UK. Predictable because there is a growing gap between security practices in the information technology (“IT”) and operational technology (“OT”) arenas. In IT, we’ve learned long ago […]

WikiLeaks dropped a trove of information about hacking tools from the CIA this week. It’s available via BitTorrent, in an encrypted archive, whose password is SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds. That’s amusing, I suppose. So what’s in the archive and what does it mean? First, the archive appears to be a dump of an Intranet portal at the CIA, […]

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